Westham Co. is a biotech company that provides advanced solutions for controlling adult mosquitoes which are vectors for various transmissible diseases like malaria, dengue, and yellow fever. The core technology of the Westham is ATSB® (Attractant Targeted Sugar Bait), a groundbreaking and patented methodology for mosquito control.

ATSB® is based on the mosquitos need to feed on sugar from plants for survival. It considered by many scientists and pest control experts one of the most promising new tools for controlling adult mosquitoes and is protected by a comprehensive patent in the US and other countries. The efficacy of the ATSB® has been demonstrated in numerous field tests and lab experiments around the globe, and in collaboration with international aid organizations Westham Co. leads large-scale experimental projects aiming to control malaria in Africa.  ATSB® currently available in the United States in two formulations -- concentrate and ready-to-use spray -- to control nuisance mosquitoes. 

Westham Co. is a privately owned company with offices in Dallas TX, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

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