Sarabi Bait Station

Indoor & Outdoor Vector Control

The Sarabi Bait Station is designed specifically for vector control (Aedes, Anopheles, and Culex mosquitoes), both indoor and outdoor. It is comprised of a disposable two-dimensional (20X28 cm) surface overlaid with a wave-like permeable membrane that encapsulates the bait mixture (attractant, sugar, active ingredient).

The permeable membrane is thin enough to allow for mosquitoes to feed through it but strong enough to protect the bait mixture from environmental hazards such as rain, dust, temperature, pressure and others.

The Sarabi Bait station is low-cost, lightweight and can be easily placed inside or outside the residence. It is inaccessible to non-targets (e.g. bees) and children, with an effective lifetime of six months.

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sarabi bait station

Sarabi Bait Station
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