Concentrated Spray for Professionals

Pest Control Operators (PCO)

The concentrated ATSB® Spray, which is available in the U.S. for professional nuisance control, is an effective PCO (Pest Control Operators) tool for large outdoor areas such as gardens, fields, and municipalities. It is designed specifically to be environmentally friendly using non-toxic ingredients (EPA-Exempt Pesticide) and is therefore safe around people, pets and food.

The spray is applied outdoors using backpacks or other types of sprayers. It is effective for a variety of mosquitos (Aedes, Anopheles, Culex) for up to four weeks.


ATSB® Bait Stations

sarabi bait station

Sarabi Bait Station
Indoor & Outdoor
Vector Control

jennypro bait station

JennyPro Bait Station
Mosquito Nuisance Control

ATSB® Spray products

ready to use retail spray

Ready-to-Use Retail Spray
Mosquito Nuisance Control

concentrated spray for professionals

Concentrated spray for Professionals
Pest Control Operators