The next generation in MOSQUITO CONTROL


Male and female mosquitoes feed on sugar from plants for energy. ATSB® exploits the mosquitoes’ behavior in order to “get them before they get you”.

ATSB® In Action

ATSB® is available for sale in the United States for control of adult nuisance mosquitoes, as a concentrate for professional use, and as a ready-to-use formula for retail consumers.

ATSB® Advantages

  • Effective in urban and residential areas and large-scale environments such as golf courses and parks
  • Different mode of action (gut toxin) overcomes the mosquito’s resistance to current toxins
  • Utilization of minimum risk pesticides and food-grade active ingredients makes ATSB® an environmentally-sound option
  • Does not attract pollinators. Formulated and applied to attract and kill mosquitoes only.
  • Low-cost bait stations are suitable for vector control in developing countries.

The ATSB® Solution

ATSB® is an innovative and effective solution that uses a patented “attract-and-kill” approach based on the mosquito's natural drive to feed on sugar for energy. It works by combining a proprietary sugar attractant (the bait) with a minimal risk toxin (active ingredient). Once ingested, ATSB® acts as a gut toxin killing both males and females and ultimately crashing mosquito populations.

The Challenge

Mosquito-borne diseases are responsible for over one million deaths every year. Current mosquito controls are expensive and often use environmentally toxic active ingredients to which mosquitoes develop resistance. Moreover, many controls are difficult to employ in urban settings or are ineffective against urban breeders such as the Aedes species.

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