Are you looking for a new, effective and clean solution for mosquitoes?
Westham company develops, manufactures and sales products based on the novel ATSB® method for controlling and eliminating adult mosquitoes.

Our Vision

Establish sustainable leadership in the mosquito control market by providing the most advanced tools for eradicating mosquito-borne diseases and controlling nuisance mosquitoes.

Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait

A revolutionary adult mosquito control method
New line of products, based on ATSB® method, is commercially available

A Distribution Opportunity

Mosquitos cause more diseases and more death than any other insect.

ATSB® is a proven, commercially used innovative product. It effective, environmentally friendly, affordable and proposing an answer for a major problem of mosquitos’ resistance.

Westham ATSB® products provide distributors a huge advantage over mosquitoes and their competition.


ATSB Customers