The Opportunity

  • Mosquitoes are a major worldwide pest causing more disease and more death than any other insect
  • ATSB® is the only new method for adult control in the last 50 years. This patented bait & Kill approach is effective, environmentally sound, affordable and offers an alternative to conventional pesticides to which mosquitoes are building resistance.
  • Westham Co. distributors have an advantage with ATSB®  since it entirely different than any other adult control of the market

Business model

ATSB® products are distributed through regional PCO and municipal channels as well as retail channels. Westham Co. also works closely with government organizations, universities, and other groups to conduct local experiments and evaluations.

Market Segments:

Aid organizations

  • For control of disease vectors (mainly malaria)


  • For controlling nuisance and vector mosquitoes (WNV, Dengue)


  • Consumer product for nuisance mosquitoes

Sand flies

  • Mainly the Middle East, Gulf region and Northern Africa

ATSB Customers